ABOUT Jackie


Hello & Welcome!

I'm Jackie. For most of my life, I really struggled with identifying my purpose in life and summoning the courage to be led by the things that light my soul on fire. For years, I planned my life away in an Excel spreadsheet and was dying a slow "death-by-calendar-invite" in a job I was good and worked hard at, but didn't really like, let alone love. After problems with my health, problems with relationships & co-workers, and just problems all over, I was forced to look inside myself, pivot and go in a new direction. 

I started blogging and learning photography informally about three years ago as a way to organize, sift through and express the chaos going on inside my head. Each blog post I wrote and each photo I took, led me to understand a little bit more about myself and my interactions with the world. I learned more about my shadow artist and the more artistic side that I had let go a long time ago, because I felt like I had to get a "real job."

As I started to practice walking in faith and being led by the things that led my soul on fire, I found myself separating myself from safety net of being an instructional leader & public school teacher while reconnecting with and discovering old and new artistic interests. I worked through mindsets that held me back from living my best life and in May 2017, with the love & support of my husband Alex, I said goodbye to the classroom, spent a month in Peru to reset my life, and came back to Houston, Texas to make a pivot in my life and work as a full-time content creator and curator.

This blog represents the current iteration of my lifestyle journal capturing all the style, decor, food & travel things that light my soul on fire. 


My bucket list and Excel planning sheet have all gone away and I am committed to making decisions in peace and in the present-moment.

I don't know what my future holds, but this I know for sure--put God first and lead with your heart, because it already knows the way you should go

Thank you for being here, for growing with me, and for following along with my story.