Re-Envisioning Our Home Office Study with the Icovia Planning Tool

I'm really trying to be "good" and focus on decorating one room in our home at a time. Since beginning this new chapter in my "work-from-home-create-my-own-destiny life", it was really important for me (and Alex) to rearrange and redo the study. I originally had it set up in a more "his-and-hers" layout, which was cool for a while, but quite frankly, it wasn't really meeting up to how we actually used the room. For me, I use the room for work, creating and book storage and for Alex, he uses the room for working sans storage.

We also decided that after everything that happened earlier this year, we just needed to rearrange the room to switch up the vibe. I'm casually into the whole Feng Shui thing, so I pulled out my Bagua Map and started to re-envison what our new space could look like. 

There's so many schools of Feng Shui thought, but again, I'm currently very casual about it, but I do believe that ultimately even non-living things are "living" and constantly moving/vibrating at a frequency and emit a certain energy that can physically be felt. Of course, all of this is not in anyway researched or "proven" by rational, Western scientific methods, however, just because something isn't proven, doesn't make it any more or less real. (And sometimes the things that are "proven" are actually less "real" than the things that aren't...but I digress). 

All I know is, I can feel the energy of a room and tend to place things very intuitively and the Feng Shui system helps me align my five senses with my sixth, intuitive sense.

On the Bagua map, our office space is located in the introspection, contemplation and wisdom "palace" of our home. According to Feng Shui, this wisdom space of our home is best suited for gaining skills, knowledge, self-cultivation, and connecting with wise people. Therefore, having images and inspiration from inspirational individuals is a wise thing to include in this space. Previously, I've had my books kind of all over the place and not on display, so with the new design, I wanted to change this up a bit. (Which, by the way, the intentionality of this space with respect to the Bagua, is something I totally wish I could take credit for, but I can't. Completely an act of serendipity). Another element Feng Shui is of course, decluttering. A place for everything and everything in its place. So incorporating some really long bookshelves on an accent wall was ideal for the redesign of our office space. 

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With a space for all my books, I went to the West Elm Icovia Planning Tool to start mapping out the rest of the study.

I want this to be a space that is cozy, beautiful and a place that inspires me to get to work. I also want this space to be a practical place for clients and students to meet me during the workday. This means having enough seating, storage and lots of plants to give me the feeling that I'm outside, without actually being outside. 

And so, after playing around in Icovia for a bit, here's the design I came up with. The most difficult part of this design was where to put the table/desk and maintain the balance of the room with consideration to the french doors, windows and piano. And by difficult, I mean I didn't have that many variations to play with. If I had unlimited amounts of money, I would have just bought something different, however, I don't so I had to get creative and work with what I have. As you can see lots of plants, just enough storage to be clutter-free, and enough seating.

A personal work retreat, perfect for study, stillness and contemplation. 


So of course, this is just the beginning. I'm looking forward to fleshing this out some more and adding in all of the decorative accents to truly turn this workspace into an wisdom study haven. 

Here's some more study (home office) inspiration!


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