A Night Out on Rent the Runway

The weather is cooling in Houston and the events calendar is filling up, which means of course I'm going to have to share the "30th" piece in my capsule wardrobe--access to a rotating "dream" closet through Rent the Runway's "Unlimited" program! Capsule wardrobing, (at least the way I do it), doesn't really take into account special events where I may want to have an outfit that I only wear once or purchase a more costly piece. This is where Rent the Runway's Unlimited program comes in. For $159 per month, I can adopt up to four pieces of their collection to my wardrobe (clothing, accessories) and swap out as many times as I like! Shipping and dry cleaning are also included in the $159 per month subscription. If I really enjoy a piece and want to add it to my wardrobe, I also have the option to purchase at a deeply discounted price (typically 60%+ off). 

A Night Out from Rent the Runway

I not only enjoy this program for special events, but also enjoy being a member of Rent the Runway Unlimited for my travels North in winter. In Texas we don't really wear heavy jackets because the weather really doesn't get that cold. RTR is great for renting that heavier coat or jacket or stock up on some sweaters for traveling during the holidays. Conversely, if you live in the North, and are traveling South, you can rent some warm-weather wear that you wouldn't ordinarily use during a snow-filled winter :-). 

NOTE: RTR JUST raised the price to $159. I've been a member of the Unlimited program (off-and-on) for the past five years, and have been grandfathered-in to the same program for $139 per month. If you're thinking about joining, this could be a consideration to join sooner rather than later. The very first year I joined, the subscription was $99 per month. The price has gone up because the selection just keeps getting better and now they allow you to have four pieces at home, instead of just three. 

A Night Out from Rent the Runway
A Night Out from Rent the Runway

If the Unlimited program doesn't sound like a fit for you, there are two other plans that Rent the Runway offers. The "Update" program is like the "Unlimited" program, except you can only swap out your pieces once per month. The "Reserve" program is Rent the Runway's per-event rental program. 


  • Styles starting at $30
  • Reserve looks for upcoming plans.
  • Rent for tonight or a few months from now
  • Borrow for 4-days or 8-days
  • Get a free backup size with every dress order
  • 100% fit guarantee
  • Choose from 450+ top brands and designers


  • Membership for $89/month
  • Refresh your wardrobe each month.
  • Rent 4 pieces for your monthly update
  • Wear your monthly pieces, return and repeat
  • Purchase pieces at our members-only discount
  • Access everyday styles from a curated edit of 200+ top brands

If you'd like to give Rent the Runway Reserve a try, here's a code for $30 off your first order!

A Night Out on Rent the Runway & a link for $30!

Have you tried out Rent the Runway? What are some of your favorite pieces? Comment below or connect with me on Instagram, I'd love to know! Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

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