Currently Loving: Black Side Chairs

I've been looking for some black side chairs to add to our study/office space and I'm really suffering from a case of indecision! Quite frankly, any of these selections is going to look fine, but I really want to find a style where I'm like, "that's the one."

There's a lot of black chairs out there that I like, but they don't go with the overall aesthetic of our home. I've had to explain this to Alex when we're out on our furniture hunting adventures. It's not that I don't like the piece individually, (and actually I may like it better than another option we're considering), but it's really important to me to maintain a consistent style throughout the house for a more "pulled together" look.

Alignment plus consistency breeds integrity. 

So before deciding on some chairs, I look at what we currently have which is a mix of natural materials and metals with a hint of traditional European, some industrial, and a sprinkling of primitive with a touch of modern. I don't know what "label" you would place on this--perhaps eclectic? I really just go with things I like while keeping the colors and textures consistent.

Right now, the office has varying tints and shades of white, brown and black. The black is, at the moment, being overpowered by the brown and white, so I need to add more black (which is how I decided on the color of the chair--all about the balance). 

For the texture of the chair--it needs to be metal or a smooth/lacquered wood. We already have a lot of wood texture going on with our bookshelves, console and floor and we're pretty maxed out on this for the room. So the chair needs to have a more chic, sleek look. At this point, I'm preferring the metal, but we just have to see what resonates with me in the present moment when I go to purchase these chairs. 

I've looked at various chairs online, and here are the finalists I'm considering. 

West Elm Classic Cafe Dining Chair in Black

So disclosure, I work for Williams Sonoma, Inc. (the parent company of West Elm) so I'm a little biased when it comes to West Elm/Pottery Barn/Williams Sonoma furniture because I get a really nice discount. However, I wouldn't have chosen to work for this company if I didn't believe in their vision, mission & products. I particularly like West Elm because most things are handcrafted with quality materials, like solid hardwood AND they offer great customer service for the price point. With all my discounts I can probably get this chair for around $30ish, so that's definitely alluring. The style of this chair is not my favorite, but again, well-crafted for the price. Normally, this chair runs for $80-$120, depending on the color and style but in retail, there's always a sale of some sort, so unless you really need it RIGHT THIS MINUTE, just wait for the sale. 


Restoration Hardware Metal Remy Side Chair in Black

This is a pretty classic, industrial, "French cafe" style chair. Another thing that's important to me when we're designing and decorating our home is paying tribute to our heritage. My grandma is from France and I like incorporating these elements into our home as an act of gratitude for "where we came from" and to recognize that our "success" is made possible because of those who came before us. I really enjoy the matte black (and Alex does too), so this is a viable option. It's pretty common these days to see this type of chair, but we do have some of these in our breakfast area so it would help with maintaining consistency throughout our home. 


Restoration Hardware Metal Madeleine Side Chair in Black

Love this chair pretty much for all the same reasons as the Remy Metal side chair. Our barstools in the kitchen are this style, but in the light driftwood finish. Also, side note, another reason why I'm very brand loyal is that I save time with this whole consistency thing. Buying from the same store ensures all the finishes and styles are designed to go together. When you start mixing and matching too much, the colors and styles can be off and you start seeing differences in the quality of material.


Magnolia Home Vermont Side Chair in Chimney

Love this farmhouse, Windsor style chair from Joanna Gaines and Magnolia Home. Crafted of Asian hardwoods, this design offers a hint of farmhouse to an otherwise industrial, modern vibe. This was the type of chair that I originally was thinking about for the office. Perhaps, I need to just go with my gut and get this one? These chairs were really popular where I grew up (in Pennsylvania Dutch country) and connect me with my childhood.


Langley Street Arielle Arm Chair in Black

A different take on the black Windsor chair. This style feels a little bit more fresh and modern (and not so primitive) which may be a better match for our office vibe. I found this chair on Wayfair. The specifications note that it's made from rubberwood, which is not as durable as hardwood, and people took the time to note in their reviews. I would probably be replacing these in 2-3 years for a more durable piece. So the question really becomes, pay more upfront now for something that will last a bit longer or pay less for something more trendy but perhaps not as durable? 


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