Upright Piano Styling Pinterest Finds

Alex and I were in a church connect group the other night, and the prompt for reflection was something like, "What holds you back from dreaming big and praying bold prayers?" And Alex was like, "Well, Jackie has no problem with that!!!!"

I have a lot of things to work on in my life, but dreaming big and praying for things beyond my reach is not the issue I have. I'm more of a..."Jackie, you need to work to the best of your ability, don't be lazy, don't cut corners, stop questioning authority, check your resting-bitch-face and learn how to be content with what you have and where you're at in the present moment" kind of girl.


So OF COURSE, this all plays out in my in the current redesign of my study.

I definitely had a big vision for replacing ALL the furniture and getting a Grand Piano (off Craig's List) to transform my current space.

Well, here's what actually happened.


I THOUGHT I sold the table, got the Cashier's Check by USPS for more than the posted amount (Hint-Hint-Should-Have-KNOWN!), went to the bank to cash the check (thank GOD I went inside) and was given some weird looks by the teller who then went to get her manager. The manager comes back, asks me some questions about where I got the check and what I was doing with it, and then asked me if I still wanted to cash it. I'm looking at her with the side-eye and was like "Maybe...why do you ask?" And she's like, "well, if you cash this check, you will probably never be able to bank here, EVER AGAIN." 

"Okay, no thank you, have a nice day!"


So of course, I immediately call my husband, (who just so happens to be an attorney), and who really comes in handy in moments like these. (He comes in handy a lot, lol, this is more of like a particular sort of "handy" when he can do things I really don't want to deal with). I gave him all of the information and he went off having a GRAND time messing with this person's head while I went home, happy, but kind of sad I didn't really get to sell the table.

I was looking forward to having my space all set up before September, but the days and weeks passed, and I wasn't able to sell the table and consequently use those funds to finance my new desk and grand piano.

Long story short, this was another exercise in my life where I was being asked to "make-the-best-of-what-I-have." Because the table (that I use as a desk) takes up most of the space in the study, I'm going to have to settle for an upright or spinet piano instead.


Believe me, I still have my "grand-piano-in-a-room-full-of-windows-and-french-doors-and-long-sheer-curtains" dream, but for right now, it is not the time nor the season.

Sooooo...frankly, this classically trained pianist who has been spoiled with Grand Pianos her whole life, was really not happy with this. The sound is just so DIFFERENT and it doesn't look as GRAND. However, after checking out some inspiration on Pinterest, the decorator in me is warming up to this idea a bit while I work on finding contentment in this season!

So, here are my current favorites
in upright (or spinet) piano styling & design!

Mozart & Shiplap Perfection
Instagram: @truthandcompany

This totally exemplifies the vibe of Mozart & Shiplap perfectly! Really love the mid-century modern vibe mixed with the shiplap and black piano. Such a great music-and-chill room! Looks like they also have some mid-century modern pieces from West Elm. 


Vintage, Yet Modern, Design
Blog: Coco Lapine Design

Really loving the stain on this piano and using the chair instead of the bench. The only downside to this is if company comes over to play or sing with you, they don't really have a place to sit right NEXT to you (unless they pull up another chair). Also love the clean, fresh and minimal eucalyptus arrangement sitting on top of the piano. Looks lived in, yet polished. Also the cute little light! There's a version of this at West Elm you can find HERE (Pedestal Table Lamp).  


Grey, White, Black & Green
Blog: Delta Breezes

Well, this is everything Mozart & Shiplap. The black, white, grey and green with all the plants and a classic, but laid back, chic sort of vibe. Also love the stool here too. It might get uncomfortable after hours of playing (perhaps, minutes of playing), but the black stool with black piano really gets me going!


Blog: Agent Bauer

Since I'm most likely going to find a piano from Craig's List, the painted piano idea is something I'm really considering. I'm redoing the study to be in tints and shades of a neutral grey, so this piano design is definitely of interest. Also down for the contrasting stool. 


"Gotta' Love Ikea" Classic Eclectic Glam
Photo: Ikea

Ikea does it again! I really do hate putting together their furniture (which is why I really don't go there anymore), but have got to love their minimal, Scandinavian designs. Again, really liking the choice of chair and plants on the top of the piano. Also love how they made an art gallery wall. 


White Sheepskin Chic
Pinterest: @rubykinnns

Black, white & sheepskin chic! Really, the best part of this design is that sheepskin rug used as a cover on the bench. I'm a huge fan of all the textures, and this sheepskin would totally add that extra "-ish" I so love in a space! Also, the high-gloss black is definitely another consideration for piano painting colors. 


So, I think I really can work with this new upright spinet piano style & design. After going through and pinning all the pics, I actually kind of prefer it now to the Grand Piano, which would have pretty much taken up our entire space and probably wouldn't have sounded the best anyway in the small-ish room we have. 

Looking forward to sharing with you more when the redesign is finished! I don't want to give a timeline here, because it really depends on what's available on Craig's List, so make sure to follow me on Instagram or subscribe to the mailing list so you can see the final reveal!