Office Redesign Sherwin-Williams Paint Inspiration

Now that I'm working (mostly) at home and making the way as I go, I really got in the mood to redo our study. Initially, I had this dream that Alex and I would work together, in our study..., but yeah, instead I kind of took it over/he kind of gave it to me. So, with the change in intention, it was definitely in need of a reboot.

I mostly rely on my intuition and "what do I like the most" when I start decorating a space. I'm always on the lookout for inspiration wherever I go, and I love pulling together lots of individual ideas to create something that is all my own.

I started my decor brainstorm by asking myself, what I wanted the room to feel like. I came up with moody, but powerful, masculine but feminine, and polished but cozy. (Clearly, I really enjoy juxtaposition!) 

I thought it would be a good idea to put a bold, darker, color on the wall to help with the moodiness & masculinity. We just went with a darker green in the bedroom, and for some reason, I was just feeling a really deep, dark, neutral blue for the study. Kind of like this photo right here...


Our HOA used Sherwin-Williams paint for our home and neighborhood, so of course, with me and my love for sticking with brands I know and haven't let me down, I went to the Sherwin-Williams store to find the perfect paint.

Again, I wanted a neutral (grey), dark blue, so I had a few paint chips in mind, but to pick the RIGHT one, I used the Sherwin-Williams online "ColorSnap Visualizer" tool and Pinterest. Sometimes the paint chips are misleading as to what you're going to see in real life, so searching the color name on Pinterest or the "ColorSnap Visualizer" really helps with figuring out a color that is JUST RIGHT. 

Also, at the time of this writing, if you use the Sherwin-Williams "ColorSnap Visualizer" tool, they offer you a $10 off coupon. 

Here's the color I fell in love with!


I think it's also nice that Sherwin-Williams gives the RGB Value and the Hex Value just in case you wanted to use this color for some graphic design work. Makes things so much easier! Here's some more Sherwin-Williams' INKWELL INSPIRATION. 



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