2019: Stay the Course


Over the past few years, my “New Year” has shifted from being the first of January to the 21st of September. As I have aligned myself more-and-more with the cycles of Nature, “traditional” holidays have faded away and new holidays have taken their place. The most recent moments for reflection and celebration have been the Winter Solstice (December 21st) and the upcoming New Moon (January 6th, 2019). Living this type of lifestyle has brought more alignment and centeredness into my life by helping me stay grounded even when the rest of the world seems thrown into chaos. Therefore, the first day of 2019 is to me, for the first time, this is just another day. Nothing new to report except to reiterate my intention to “stay the course.”

Since 2014, my anticipated “planner-of-the-year” decision has always been essential to setting the vibe of each “year.” However, this “year” (and I’m sure for years to come), I have returned to my planning “roots”—a simple, black, vegan leather XL softcover weekly planner from Moleskine.


The video I shared for 2018 still applies…

Over the past few years, I’ve learned to focus on taking the “next best step,” and to not plan too far in advance. For example, if you would have asked me exactly one-year ago if I thought I would go to law school, I would have responded with an emphatic, “No.” But here I am, a 1L student. So with that said, I really don’t have any “plans” or “goals” for 2019—just ideas I would like to explore and continued consistent and disciplined action in alignment with the rhythm of my soul.

Some things I’m acting on during this Winter season:

  • MIND: Maintaining the highest grades I can during my Spring 1L semester. Doing the best work I can at my legal internship. Staying centered and open to all possibilities for summer legal internships and opportunities.

  • SPIRIT: Continuing to meet and grow with my spiritual community. Continue iterating and improving on “essential lifestyle” (capsule wardrobe, “just right” home, music, art, intentional travel).

  • BODY: Take advantage of the space created in 2018 to re-engage with physical fitness. Complete transition to organic, natural makeup. Continue revising capsule wardrobe to reflect current self.

School begins again in mid-January, so I hope to publish a few more posts before then.

Until then, thanks for stopping by.