A Feng Shui Dining Room: Styling Our Children & Creativity Center

So now that the holidays and New Year are clear behind us, I’ve gotten down to sharing my vision for our “decorating project” -- our Feng Shui “Children & Creativity” center aka, our DINING ROOM.

Ironically, this is the only room in our house that has been left undone. One of my goals for 2018 is to “finish” the house, or at least have it functional, so I’m not so nervous to have people over! I totally know in my head that people are coming over for US, and not our house...but you know me, I have a tendency to sway towards making everything "just so..."

Weird, I know. We’re working on it…lol.



Creativity is simply the act of producing a new or original piece of work and contrary to popular belief, it is not related to what we traditionally think of the creative arts!

As a classroom teacher, it was always my ultimate goal to support students to become their own creators--which meant ultimately them taking the role of the teacher. It was then, and only then did I know and feel that "I did my job." 

Creativity & children naturally go together because children feel more free to be creative (when compared to the typical adult).


Because they haven’t been fully programmed into FEAR.

FEAR is what holds back a lot of adults from being their true creative selves and is ultimately rooted in unresolved trauma or unforgiveness of a person, place or thing they perceive to have “wronged” them.

A Feng Shui Dining Room: Styling Our Children & Creativity Center

It is only when we seek to resolve this trauma and un-forgiveness within ourselves, as adults, that we are truly able to reunite with our more creative & “childlike” selves.

With respect to my life, I think it's a beautiful symbol that this room is the “capstone” for my experience leaving the life planned for me for a life I've created for myself.

To me, this room represents me coming into the fullness of who I was meant to be.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve arrived in any sort of way. It just means I have identified the path and am now walking on The WAY.


  • Whites, greys and metallics
  • Free flow of creative energy
  • Circular, oval, arch-shaped items
  • Symbols of creativity, children, games
  • Art/craft supplies; hobbies and crafts
  • Toys, bells, things children have made
  • Rocks and stones

So, because this is our dining room, this is not exactly a play space for children. However, I thought, if we were to decide to have kids, this would be a nice place for them to participate in crafts and have birthday parties and the like. So, I want to have a durable & long table to accommodate this possibility.


After browsing the interwebs, here's some color and vibe inspiration I found for this room. 


I couldn't find anything that was EXACTLY what I had in mind. So I played with these ideas and colors to find specific pieces for our dining room. 

A Whimsical, Modern, Romantic Light

A more whimsical, light, airy, romantic take on a crystal chandelier. This model just sold out (from West Elm). However, you can find similar things at Restoration Hardware or All Modern


A Long, Durable, Handcrafted Table

This is the Emmerson table from West Elm. The 87" fits our space perfectly. Handcrafted with reclaimed wood. 


A Set of Classic, Neutral Chairs

This is a new style of dining chair from Restoration Hardware--the French Contemporary Side Chair. Released just in time too because I like getting my chairs from RH, but the chairs they had were just TOO vintage for what I was looking for. This design is just enough classic + modern. I'm currently undecided between these two styles because, per Feng Shui, I should be going with the rounded chair. But my initial preference was for the French Contemporary Square Fabric Side Chair. 


White, Grey, Earthy, Metallic Accessories

I have a thing for velvet and velvet curtains. Because they're kind of on the "busy" side, I wanted to balance it out with a minimal, neutral rug with a slight metallic sheen (West Elm Patina Rug). 

Velvet Jacquard Curtain West Elm

Looking forward to putting this all together in the next month or so and sharing the final design with y'all!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous day!

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