A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal

This upcoming January 1st date has really lit the fire under me to wrap up some things I've been procrastinating on--like revealing this office. I started envisioning this office space during the Autumn Equinox while considering what things in my life needed to "fall away" to make space for the "new" (or perhaps--to make space for the "return of the light").

A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal

Area #1: Industrial Storage for "Activities"

Okay, so I love dabbling in different things and I needed a space to store my Sonos speaker, Audio-Technicia bluetooth record player and ever-growing record collection (as well as random paints, lenses and photography "things"). 

This industrial storage console from All Modern (a slightly better quality version also sold at West Elm) was the perfect size and storage space for all of these things. 

When purchasing storage furniture, I tend to purchase smaller than what I need so I am pushed to really get creative and keep ONLY what I need.  

A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal

I was really struggling with what to do with the printer (hide it or leave it out in the open). However, I use the printer a lot, and it was really not practical (and pretty annoying) to keep it covered in a box/basket. The paper would jam up if I didn't get to it fast enough and "cutting" a basket (as seen on Pinterest) was just not aesthetically pleasing to me. Perhaps printer manufacturers can consider making a more aesthetically pleasing printer, but until then, this is what I'm rolling with.

I really enjoy these really dense, acrylic storage containers from The Container Store. They are a bit of a splurge, but very well made and can last for YEARS if taken care of properly. I have these same storage containers for our bathroom and have no plans to get rid of them any time soon. 

I have six of these acrylic storage containers

  • White Paper
  • Graph Paper/Sheet Protectors
  • Mailing Supplies
  • Office Supplies (pens, pencils, erasers, markers, highlighters, colors, etc.)
  • Greeting Cards
  • Jewelry Making Supplies (didn't have a drawer for this in my storage console)

The photo above only shows four of these acrylic containers. I had to purchase another two containers to (1) lift the printer a bit to "fill" the space, and (2) give all these office supplies and things some space to "breathe" while in storage. 

A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal

Area #2: Desk & Bookshelves

I ended up keeping my original "desk" which is really a Parsons dining table from West Elm. I'm really used to my "teacher desk" setup from my classroom days where I have a storage unit behind me to my left. For this unit, I chose the Roar & Rabbit Marble, Antique Brass, Bar Cart, also found at West Elm. I really like the shape of this bar cart (hexagon) and three tiers to store papers that I'm currently working on, books I'm currently reading, drinks, candles--really just anything so I can maximize by desk working space. 

A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal

On the wall next to the desk, I have two really basic corkboards from Target. On these corkboards I mostly hold reminders of things I want to do next, but are not urgent. For example, I've pinned some details about schools I want to tour, places I want to eat, ideas I'm considering and things I'm working on (right now, mostly mindsets and home). If you've been following me for a while, you know how adamant I am about NOT paying full retail, so I have coupons on my board to remind me of things I may want to purchase in the future. I also use this board to keep track of upcoming projects and bills (which right now there are none! Yay!) 

I'm a huge believer in having routines to deal with things at specific times/immediately, which you can read more about in my posts about routines to keep an (almost) paper-free, clutter-free home office (Read this Post: My Current Systems for an (Almost) Paperless & Clutter Free Home Office). 

A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal
A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal

On my desk, I hold a lamp found at Home Goods, some crystals, a feather and storage for office supplies that I use often (pins, clips, pens, lip balm, post-its, phone accessories). 

A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal
A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal

Side Note: What is currently playing on my iPhone?

One of my favorite things to do is listen to videos on YouTube. I listen to Alex Jones a lot (gasp!? LOL). The reason why I listen to him and my thoughts on what he has to say are very nuanced (so please, restrain your urge to judge lol! XOXO :-) ). 

Perhaps, I'll write a post on A.J. at another time, but until then...I digress...

A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal

My office chair and pillow are also from West Elm. Frankly, the comfort level of this chair is just OKAY (5/10) and the chair itself was most likely overpriced. However, I really like the design and it was difficult for me to find an office chair that I really liked. I preferred the West Elm Helvetica high back chair but they were out of stock (#typical).

One of the things I really HATE about West Elm...

Whenever I want to purchase something, it's typically on back order and I have to wait MONTHS to get the product delivered to my door. Literally, I was on there the other day looking at a basket that wasn't able to be shipped until May 2018 (5 months from now--what?!).

No ma'am (or sir).

Perhaps one of the reasons they're losing a lot of business to online retailers like All Modern, but again, I digress...

A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal

Here's a closer pic of my bookshelves. I absolutely LOVE these shelves that Alex put together for me :-). Literally $10 each for the wood and the brackets/stain found at Home Depot.

Accessories come from Amazon, West Elm, Minted, Target and Home Goods. I shop at my trusted places because it gives me some boundaries in what to get and forces me to "make things work" which encourages creativity.

Ironically, (and contrary to popular belief) boundaries support creativity.

A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal
A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal

Area #3: Music (& Photography) Space

Music and photography (and writing/speaking) are some of my favorite mediums for expressing myself. So of course, I have a space for these things in our home office study. 

This area is currently "in-progress" because Alex is currently assigned to other home projects (and has emphatically told me many times that I need to stop assigning him more than one thing...LOL). So right now, he's working on getting his garage/man cave together so this area is just going to have to BE.

A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal
A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal
A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal

Some things I'm working on/considering for this area: 

  • A "cover" of some sort for the piano bench. Really into the sheepskin rug look, but that look is also pretty overused, so I'm going to mull on that a bit.
  • Plants
  • Remove the shelves and just put up one long shelf (to match the selves on the opposite wall) OR no shelves at all
  • A small table to rest the basket on (?)
  • Different art (but I have to admit, I really like this world map print because it's pretty inspirational to me...so IDK...)

I also want to change the doorknobs to an antique brass, vintage type doorknob. There's a few places online that I found to get these sorts of things, but if I start changing these doorknobs, then I need to change ALL the doorknobs in the house and I'm not ready to go down that road quite yet. 

A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal

In 2018, I'm looking forward to getting more into the connection between physical environments, emotions and the unconscious/subconscious influence physical things have on human beings. I'm currently in a holistic nursing, functional nursing BSN/MSN program and look forward to one day putting all these experiences together to create a solution/solutions to support community health in ALL ways (spiritual, emotional, physical, mental--even though I don't particularly agree with these four "divisions" of health but we'll use them for now since it's what we've been taught in school, which is another thought for another time, but again, I DIGRESS...).

For the first quarter of 2018, I will be working on documenting TWO projects concurrently (because again, West Elm takes FOREVER to deliver anything...) and will use the same format to explain my thought process/selection for these rooms. One of these rooms is our "children and creativity center" that in our current home is our dining room (the only room "untouched" in our house, IRONICALLY). I will also be documenting a "surprise" room that I will probably begin revealing in the Spring. 

ALSO, my husband, Alex has been working on his own man cave/garage project that I will also document when he's complete :-). 

A Modern Industrial Organic Home Office Study Reveal

Thank you SO much for coming along this modern industrial organic home office redesign project! On a serious note, this really has been a therapeutic experience to close out the year, but on a more fun note--it was really fun finding, purchasing and arranging all the THINGS for this space!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous day!

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