An Unsung Target Home Organization Find: Dip Bowls

I've installed some cork boards in our home office, and I needed something with some aesthetic appeal to hold my pushpins in a way where they could be easily accessed while I'm sitting at the desk. I immediately thought of these dipping bowls, found at Target, that I've used in my classroom to hold large quantities of small things like paperclips, push pins, erasers, keys, change...

An Unsung Target Find | Marble Dipping Bowl

As a teacher, I always liked getting these bowls in the "school colors" to show a little bit of school spirit in the classroom (and if you know me, I'm not really big on the school spirit stuff, so getting dipping bowls in the school colors was a big 

An Unsung Target Find | Marble Dipping Bowl

The dip bowls are also good for what they're designed for--dipping sauces and accompaniments with meals. One of my favorite food uses for these bowls is ketchup with my chicken nuggets (one of my guilty pleasures) and Tamari sauce with my sushi. I still have yet to find another retailer with such a varied, stylish collection of dip bowls, so Target definitely takes the win on this one. 

An Unsung Target Find- Marble Dipping Bowls-2.jpg

You can find these dip bowls in the tabletop section with the dinnerware. Depending on the style and material, the pricing on these dipping bowls range from $1.99 to $8.99. Target routinely changes the styles and colors of these dip bowls to keep up with the current trends and seasons. I was so excited when they had this marble dipping bowl because it goes perfectly with the modern organic vibe I've got going on in our office!

An Unsung Target Find | Marble Dipping Bowl

Have you ever tried the dip bowls at Target? What are some of your favorite uses for them? Do you have any other tips for organizing large quantities of small things? I'd love to know more! Comment below or catch me on the 'gram. Thanks for stopping by!

Jackie Boylhart | Mozart & Shiplap, a lifestyle blog.