Checking In & Sharing Some New Things from STIL Classics


Coming back from a two-month break from blogging spent wrapping up my first law school semester, commuting three hours to-and-from school every day, selling our home, and moving to a new house (more to come at a later date) to share some photos of my new favorite things from Marissa’s STIL Classics Moderna Collection.

(Which, by the way, Marissa’s Moderna Exposé has become my EVERYDAY law school bag and was the perfect clear bag to tote all my things into the exam room during finals. Some people bring Ziploc bags—Jackie brings a genuine leather “crystalline case” with a golden zipper.)

Between studying for finals, showing our home, packing, moving & closing on our home—the last few months have been a whirlwind. I had to make the blog private for a while just to do a quick redesign to reflect what I’m feeling and thinking in this present moment. It’s remarkable how life can evolve in a matter of four months.

I have a slew of blog posts to revise and publish between now and January 14th (first day of 1L Spring Semester), so be on the lookout for those soon. Until then, some quick updates to close out the 1L Fall semester.

MENTAL HEALTH & FINAL EXAMS: I transitioned pretty smoothly into finals. With respect to the planning and the studying aspect, everything went according to as I predicted it would when I established my “law school plan” in August. In short, my plan consisted of a daily-weekly-monthly 15-week rotating schedule to take advantage of research regarding “spaced repetition” which gave me time to take large breaks and relax during the actual final exam study period to preserve my mental health.

1L FALL SEMESTER GRADES: Grades are not published for all classes until January 7th and therefore remain an unknown. I think some professors may post early, but I don’t want to see anything until I can see everything. (One moment of anxiety-induced-by-grades is plenty. Until then, I live in blissful ignorance and take every moment to fully savor my Winter Break.)

Qualitatively speaking, when I was taking my final exams, I definitely felt a time pressure, but “finished” before time was called; for each essay question I I knew my rules cold and was able to argue both sides and settle. However, with respect to a letter grade—you just never know until you actually know. Maybe I got an A, but then again maybe I got a D. At this point, who knows. All I know is that I have never been so uncertain of a grade in my life. In math and science classes we were graded on a curve, but it was pretty objective—you either applied the proper process or you didn’t, and at the end of the exam you “knew” how well you did before seeing the actual letter grade. However, a law school exam, despite having an objective rules-based portion (knowing the rules which allegedly, according to a professor, is capped at 40% of our grade), the “analysis” portion is graded pretty subjectively—at least from what I can gather. Yes, you are applying law to facts, however, when you are applying the law to facts, you also need to take your professor’s perspective into consideration (for better or for worse).


COMMUTING & MOVING: Truly, the worst thing about this semester has been most certainly the commute and keeping our home in pristine condition for showing…after showing…after showing. Our home sold over Thanksgiving break, right as I was starting finals, so since then, I’ve been preoccupied with decluttering and packing. However, I am excited to decorate a new space over the break. I’ve already started collecting pins on Pinterest.

UPCOMING POSTS: I have a list of posts that I want to write over the next few weeks—a mini-series on some law school topics, some posts on capsule wardrobing, updates on our new home, books I’ve been reading (that aren’t about law!), other side projects I’ve been working on and more.

Until then, I will be unpacking and enjoying Winter Break, sans cases and briefing.

Thanks for stopping by.

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