This is 31: On Spiritual Gifts, Leaving My "Spiritual Bubble," and Re-Engaging in Social Advocacy

I can't believe I'm 31.

For reals...I literally still feel like I'm 16 sometimes...LOL. 

I truly wish I had some dramatic, life-changing things to share with you, but for the first time in a long time...

No life changing, dramatic news to report. 

(Perhaps that's why I'm now diverting that energy into building out my "current events" and "rants" section out on my YouTube channel...but I digress...LOL). 

Cheers to 31 Years

But really. This year, I feel an urge to do something to expand the "spiritual conversation" to practical issues affecting our lives on the day-to-day. Sometimes, in "spiritual circles," I feel like we can get so wrapped up in keeping up with the positive, "feel-good" vibes, that we create for ourselves yet another bubble to insulate ourselves from the realities of the world outside. 

This is not "good" nor "bad."

It just is what it is, WHAT IT IS. 

However, in this present moment, I feel like I've had enough time and space to "fill my cup" and am ready to re-engage with the world and employ my gifts in the service of advocating for a more transparent, just & sustainable world. This past Sunday, Alex and I attended a "Growth Track" workshop at our church and these results confirmed what I've been feeling. 

Hope City Houston Spiritual Gifts Survey

Specifically, I'm feel called to do this in a very practical way by proactively offering my thoughts on events happening around the world. Since the 2016 election, I've witnessed a lot of pain and distress in this time of upheaval and CHANGE. I truly believe that we are in the midst of a WAR for our MINDS. I feel called to confront the rabid disinfo/misinfo that permeates our media channels and offer hope by sharing alternative perspectives, information & TRUTH. 

So, I started this by (1) expanding the topics I talk about on my YouTube channel and (2) saying more of what's on my mind on Facebook/Twitter. Of course, this draws confrontation, which quite frankly--I really don't want to or like dealing with. I would much rather be a lurker and stay silent. However, I keep reminding myself that this is actually a pretty selfish thing to do, especially when I KNOW I can contribute an additional perspective to support more peace or clarity in a given situation. 

I'm also working on expanding my capacity to coach while being mentored by Chris, founder of Axelrad Clinic here in Houston. His message and practice has experienced some rapid growth since I was one of his associate's patients when I went through my whole cervical cancer thing back in 2014. I've followed his work over the last three years and the Universe conspired to bring me back to the clinic not as a patient, but in a role as a content creator and curator. The goal is to expand his business coaching and "warrior-healer" program to reach not just acupuncturists, but holistic healers of all sorts--naturopaths, nurse practitioners, medical doctors, chiropractors--

-- basically any medical professional who is looking for way to awaken their innate healing intelligence by connecting to the Source of all that has been, all that is, and all that is to come. 

You can read more about it here.

Chris is coming out with his first book soon on fertility and women's reproductive health, which I'm really excited to learn more about and support. When I was a school teacher, a lot of the "issues" I encountered with students resulted from the accumulation of misaligned choices over time. This led me to become a relentless advocate for doing the best we can from conception to "get things right."

And by "right," I mean -- engage in actions that allow us to nurture universally desired behaviors and results in children. 

Defining what's "right" and "wrong" when it comes to motherhood and parenting can be pretty taboo--but quite frankly, as someone who has spent considerable time with kids as a teacher, administrator with a background in biology, psychology, history (and I can say is this; there is a way that gets universally desired results, and a way that doesn't, AND we have the data to confirm it.

I think part of the reason why this "topic" is so taboo, is because the education on this is not really available mainstream in a way that can be easily digested, and it can seem unfair to hold parents accountable for information they were "never told."

In a way it is, so I get it.

But then in a way...I don't.

Which is why, to me, this work with Chris is really intriguing and important. I look forward to sharing more as he expands his practice and as I integrate into the fold.

I'm also continuing another semester in my nursing studies, which is not the most "aligned" or my favorite thing to do, but a necessary step to establishing credibility as a healthcare professional while getting the "stamp of approval" to practice. Combining this licensure with knowledge of human development, transfer of knowledge and spiritual development (along with all my other fun things in marketing, interior design, music, etc.) will (hopefully) one day result in a comprehensive solution/framework/assessment that can be used as a guide for a spiritually sound, evidence-based trajectory of human development from beginning to end.

This is most certainly a TALL order, (or VENTI order? ... #starbuckshumor #ineedtostop). So this year, I'm considering ways to connect with other social advocates to push back on the machinery of the SYSTEM and reprogram it, before it reprograms us--for good.

We can all work together to shape a better world by being more intentional with our choices, but there needs to be more specific and inclusive guidance on what those choices need to be.

My 31st Birthday-1.jpg

As I said at the beginning of 2018, and I will say again: 

It's Time. 

Call this the Second American revolution, the Great Awakening, the doesn't matter. This is a movement WITHOUT A LEADER. This is a movement by the people, for the people.  A TEAM of CONSCIOUS INDIVIDUALS of ALL BACKGROUNDS, engaging their spiritual gifts and working together to CONFRONT DARKNESS and subsuming it with the LIGHT of TRUTH. 

Are you on board? 

Cheers to 31 Years

So, now that my little rant is's some pics from my 31st birthday and our evening out at 4444 Westheimer, here in Houston. 

Cheers to 31 Years | 4444 Westheimer Houston, TX

Dinner at Toulouse. 

Cheers to 31 Years | 4444 Westheimer Houston, TX

Shot on the iPhone X! First time using portrait mode--was pleasantly suprised!

Cheers to 31 Years | 4444 Westheimer Houston, TX

Fancy movie at iPic Theaters. 

iPic Theatre Houston Instagram Story

Cheers to another year!
Thank you all so much for the birthday love
and thank you for stopping by!

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