My Free Capsule Wardrobe Birthday Dress from Rent the Runway 2019


A short post today just to share my free birthday dress from Rent the Runway. I was looking for something simple, comfortable and low-key in a color other than black. And then I found this green Slate & Willow long-sleeve sheath dress. The dress fit great off the hanger (especially for a petite frame) and had enough stretch to accommodate my post-meal bloat from my filet mignon, au gratin potatoes and creme brûlée.

The fabric color was a suede-ish, earthy, green and matched my latest pair of 65mm Vetta pumps from M.Gemi. My handcrafted Valentina drop necklace was a gift I selected from local Austin creative, “Son of a Sailor,” via Loop & Tie. The Valentina necklace is named after Valentina Tereshkova, Russian cosmonaut, engineer, and politician. Valentina was the first woman to have flown in space in 1963. 

Also, since I started law school, I’ve been wearing makeup more often (and by more often I mean four times per month instead of one to zero times per month). More makeup applications means I finally took the leap and made my dream of having an “eco-organic, paraben-free, capsule makeup bag” come true—no more MAC, YSL, Givenchy and Bobbi Brown!

The switch to eco-organic, clean and paraben-free was a switch I had been procrastinating on. However, with the selling of our home and our subsequent move, it seemed like a good time for a fresh start. I literally closed my eyes and said a prayer as I sent my entire non-organic makeup bag down a multi-story trash chute. And then I panicked for five seconds and headed straight to Sephora to figure out what I was going to do with my makeup life. Fortunately, Sephora is getting on board the eco-organic, paraben-free makeup train. My favorite clean beauty brands at Sephora are currently Milk, Bite, and lilah b.

Free Birthday Dress Slate & Willow Rent the Runway

I’ve also significantly pared down the number of products in my makeup bag—currently I’m down to 7 products from primer to finishing powder. In addition to going clean beauty and using less product, I have to share my most exciting beauty find during my Sephora run— a nude mineral powder blush from BareMinerals. This blush in “That Peach Trio” was the perfect color for my yellow-ish complexion. I haven’t used BareMinerals since college (10 years ago!), and it’s nice to have an “old friend” make it back into my capsule makeup bag.

Free Birthday Dress Slate & Willow Rent the Runway

On another note, Spring classes are starting soon so that means back to schedules and reading. I’m really looking forward to my classes this semester—especially Constitutional Law. I’ve already been doing the reading for that class and the content makes me feel right at home with respect to my academic interests and prior undergraduate and graduate coursework in early U.S. history, race & the U.S. Constitution and education law/history. Constitutional Law may just be my favorite class this semester.

I’m also going to get back to working out again consistently. With school and our move, I haven’t had time to even consider going to the “gym.” However, I’m ready to get back at it. I’ve also finally replaced my workout wear with some sustainable brands and I have it on my calendar to share in a future post.

Thanks for stopping by.

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