Kicking Off 1L Semester Two with MOO Cards & Granite Scraps


After a pretty successful 1L Fall semester, this Spring I am working on expanding my focus beyond the classroom to figure out what exactly I want to do when I graduate from law school. Despite my urge to do all the things, I am trying to align my actions in the present moment to choosing the best thing. Choosing the “best thing” means learning how to graciously decline opportunities and making sure my strengths, interests, and environmental preferences align with whatever I choose to get myself into.

Currently, I’m in research and explore mode which means networking, applications and interviews and business cards. For me, getting new business cards is always an opportunity to reflect on who I am in this present moment, who I want to become and how the business card communicates this aspiration. Because I’m motivated by “aesthetics” (form, harmony, beauty, and balance), of course I will find a business card that values beauty in design and reflects this aspect of my personality.

This is why I’m a loyal patron of MOO.

The thing that has always set MOO apart from their competition has been the way they use business card design as a way for someone to tell a story about who they are and what they value. This becomes very important when you are, let’s say, at a networking event and only have a limited amount of time to make an impression. You have a short conversation, trade business cards, and then move on to speak to another person. After the night is over, you’ve met so many people, and collected so many business cards, but may have difficultly remembering person A from person B from person Z. However, when you go through said business cards, you start placing names with faces and consciously or subconsciously associate certain personality traits, for better or for worse, with the business cards you receive.

A MOO card levels the playing field.

According to MOO’s website,

Professional-quality design has traditionally been expensive or out of reach for most people; we want to change this. We're passionate about helping people of all abilities design the best looking and highest quality print products: products that will help them or their business look great.

My favorite business card to get is the Luxe Business Card. I prefer the Luxe Business Card because of the extra thick paper and seam color options. (I chose black as my seam color. See details of thickness and seam color in photo to the right. There are three business cards in this photo.)

Because law is a more conservative field, I stick with the standard size card. However, in other less conservative fields, I like to use the square size or mini size card—just for something a bit different.

MOO gives students 15% off their first order.

If you are not a student, (or if you are a student but would like a greater discount), you can click the button below to receive 25% off your first order.

This is an affiliate link which means if you purchase something with this link, I receive $20 off my next MOO order.


I love putting my MOO cards on display with my marble business card holder from Craftsman Stoneworks. Craftsman Stoneworks turns scraps of granite and other stone from home construction sites into useful items. Their remnants come from places all across the United States—from a Malibu beach house, a Bel Air mansion, a bungalow in Pasadena, a famous athlete or movie star’s house! They swear they will never tell, but they do have remnants from all of those and more.


Hopefully these two makers can bring a little bit more beauty, form and function into your life and boost your confidence when you’re at your next networking event.

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