2018 Inspirational Video of the Year

In December, I like to have a ritual of intentionally opening myself up to the Universe for inspiration about next steps. Part of that inspiration usually takes the form of a video. I don't actively take steps to "find" an inspirational video, but I do click on videos I would typically skip over in hopes of finding "the one."

My 2018 Inspirational Video of the Year

This year, I came across a video on my YouTube home page from Denzel Washington that spoke to me. Ironically, much of this speech was captured in another video that was my "video of the year" in 2014/2015 (I forget which year exactly, but I remember I was still working as a Dean of Instruction). I think I even posted it on my personal Facebook page back in the day. Regardless, his message really resonated with me again and perhaps it will resonate with you too. 

Enjoy and happy 2018!

Jackie Boylhart