On Being MIA, Moonology, Hormonology, MBTI and Gender Stereotypes, Response to Feedback

Coming back from being pretty MIA lately. For the past year or so, I've been tracking myself...here's why. A few brief thoughts on lunar/solar cycles, their effect on gender-based work/productivity and then a transition to MBTI, gender stereotypes and a candid reflection on this ENTP discovery. Ending with a response to two pieces of feedback I've recently received. Breakdown below the video. 

Thanks for stopping by :-). 

Sharing some random thoughts I’ve collected over the last day. 

(0:00 - 7:21)
Part I: Why I’ve Been MIA and How It’s Related to the Moon & My “Cycle”

(7:22 - 17:24)
Part II: MBTI, Careers, Why Am I In School Again?, ENTP Thoughts & Discoveries

(17:25 - 19:59)
Part III: Gender Stereotypes and Influences on Personality Development, Acting Out My Life, Feeling/Thinking Functions & Gender Stereotypes

MBTI and Gender Stereotypes
U.S. Personality Profile
Estimated Frequency of MTI Type by Gender

(20:00 - 21:39)
Part IV: The Struggle of Wanting to “Fit In” and “Be Liked”

  • Insights from this “new” profile
  • Playing roles vs. being myself. Identifying my true personality by digging into the recesses of my childhood (pre middle school). 

(21:40 - 28:43)
Part V: Two Pieces of Feedback and What I’m Doing About It

  • On taking myself more “seriously...”
  • On following through with projects...