Rolling Backpack Picks for Law School

Rolling Backpacks for Law School

When it came to the topic of carrying around books, I initially decided to forego the paper copies and go full ctrl+F, e-book mode instead. 

HOWEVER, when I received my textbook list, only 20% of required texts had some sort of e-book or Kindle version. 


I was really against getting a locker to store my books because, #time. Consider almost 50 days of class, 15-20 minutes per day on "locker trips" — over the course of a semester that’s a little over 16 hours of time spent on trips to a locker.

Just no.

SO, the most realistic option left was to carry my books in a bag.

I wasn’t trying to be BFFs with my chiropractor, so a cute one-shoulder tote was out of the question. I then considered a two-shoulder backpack, but also was also not a fan of the idea of again, having something always attached to my back.

Enter the rolling backpack. 

When I told my husband (who also went to law school) that I had dreams of a rolling backpack, he rolled his eyes and advised me against being "one of those." But that’s okay — I have no SHAME in rolling around my books. I spent my first years as a teacher rolling around a crate with papers and supplies and I am pretty used to the idea of going to work with a "rolling thing." I don't know if this rolling backpack stigma is a "husband" thing or a real thing — either way, it doesn't matter — I'm rolling a backpack to school so #peace #love #dontbejealous. 

The rolling backpack online shopping scene leaves plenty to be desired but I did find a few rolling backpacks that were streamlined, well-constructed, received plenty of positive reviews and were easy on the eyes. 

So without further adieu, here are my top picks for rolling backpack bags for law school.


Rolling Deluxe Book Pack from L.L. Bean


I’ve ALWAYS wanted an L.L. Bean backpack, but never really had a reason to make the purchase. I’m also having a general obsession with L.L. Bean lately — perhaps it was my trip to Maine, perhaps it’s just general nostalgia for Northeast living — but if you want a durable, functional, high-capacity backpack — this one is IT. I can fit three case books, 3-5 supplements/secondary readings, notebook, pencil bag with room to spare. And if I bring my lunchbox, I just attach it on the top.

Rolling Deluxe Book Pack from L.L. Bean


So, I was thinking I also needed a bag for more “professional days” when either the L.L. Bean Backpack didn’t go with my outfit or I needed to be a bit more streamlined and presentable. The holding capacity of this bag is no where near as large as the L.L. Bean backpack, however it can hold a casebook or two, a supplement and a laptop.

Concourse Rolling Briefcase from Mark & Graham


Just in case you prefer to order all your things from Amazon. Jansport is usually a pretty durable brand. I don’t think this is as “cool” looking as my other picks, but it will definitely get the job done.

JanSport Drive 8 Core Series Wheeled Backpack


The reviews on this bag are not as strong as the other picks, HOWEVER, I did think this looked pretty cool. This is also priced more affordably when compared to the Mark & Graham rolling briefcase.

Cheers to the rolling backpack!

Six weeks into my 1L year, and my L.L. Bean rolling backpack is seriously one of my most favorite things. (And has kicked off a rolling obsession with all L.L. Bean things, but that’s for a future post…)

Thanks for stopping by.

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