Engaging With My Creative Masculine Energy and Sharing Thoughts On Why I DON'T March

Part of my growth this year is working on engaging more with my "creative masculine" qualities of strength, courage and activism. Therefore, I'm sharing this video post. After listening to the video, there are some topics that I would have liked to have rephrased, or explained in a different way, but nevertheless, here's the video. 

I will continue to follow up by adding more commentary over time that goes over topics individually in a more in-depth way. For the purposes of this video, I painted with some broad strokes just to get the IDEA OUT THERE. 


Thoughts on NOT marching and why I ultimately think it's OPPRESSIVE as evidenced by methods of "population control." Planned Parenthood being linked to the Nazi Eugenics movement and how it is used to "control population" of low-income, minority populations. Why "white women" (aka biological females who tend to carry a more creative feminine energy) are seen as complicit by black women (aka biological females who tend carry a more creative masculine energy). A non-religious argument for why I question the LGBTQIA movement (related to population control), and thoughts on how to RISE to the occasion without engaging in victimhood. 


  • [0:00] - Introduction
  • [1:55] - Gaining Context Re: The Women’s March from CNN - Who Are the Players, Why?
  • [6:39] - Going Through Women’s March Vision Statement - Points of Agreement Disagreement
  • [21:31] - Why I Disagree With Reproductive Freedom (sans Abortion). Why is Birth Control such a big deal? It’s already free and universally available. 
  • [23:06] - How Planned Parenthood is closely related to the Nazi Eugenics Movement
  • [32:00] - The Billionaires Club For Eugenics (Names You Should Know)
  • [35:00] - The Georgia Guidestones Clearly Calling For Population Control & Genetic Purity
  • [37:49] - Why I Don’t Believe in “Gender Justice” and Why I Think LGBTQIA Is Harmful (non-religious argument) - REFERENCE: Masculine vs. Feminine Document
  • [50:20] - Donald Trump (white, conservative, males) Are Mocking The People Who March. It Goes Beyond "Racism" and "Bigotry," Here’s A Solution
  • [55:30] - Respect the fact that the white man took over the world and RISE to the occasion


Video: Why I Don't March, How Planned Parenthood Is Related to Nazi Eugenics Movement, Why Hating On The White Man Hurts The Movement

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Cheers to creating a better world together, 

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