3 Reasons Why My "New Year" Begins in September

November is here and that means adjusting and keeping alignment with the flow of the seasons. I think planning the year by quarters is helpful, but I am not down for the traditional January 1st "New Year" date. For the past three years, I've aligned my quarters with the rhythm and cycles of nature instead of our traditional Gregorian (Julian) calendar which commemorates the Gods and Emperors of the Roman empire. 

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My year is as follows: 

  • Fall - New Year. Harvest, gratitude celebration. 
  • Winter - Hibernation & germination. Lots of planning and internal activity. 
  • Spring - Flowers into fruit. Execution & refinement. 
  • Summer - Maturation & preparation for harvest. "Capstone" activities, and cultivation of "fruit." 

I begin my "New Year" in September (Autumn Equinox) for a few reasons: 

(1) It aligns with seasonal themes & celebrations. 

In nature, the Fall represents a season of Falling away and planning for the new in the Spring. It makes more sense to take the Fall (Sept 20/21 to Dec 20/21) as a period to reflect, express gratitude and celebrate everything that has been in the past year, while setting a vision and planning for things to come (without the pressure and the hype of the "New Year"). 

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(2) It aligns with plant & animal cycles. 

You get to really lean in to the "New Year", in a productive, quiet, natural way. Winter is not the time for a lot of excitement and "above ground" action. Consider nature. Think of the animals that hibernate and preparing to "wake" in the spring. There is a lot of internal activity going on, that has not yet borne fruit. So while having Sept-Dec to plan, I use Jan-Mar to really get quiet and dig deep into what I need to be doing to prepare to bear fruit in the Spring/Summer. 

Woman in Black. A basic black capsule wardrobe outfit.

(3) It aligns with the mathematical cycles of our heavenly bodies (sun, moon, stars) aka "astrology."

The astrological "New Year" begins with the Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the Fall Equinox (in the Southern Hemisphere). Again, going along with the cycles of nature that have already been provided for us, this is (to me at least), the true New Year where everything resets and fruit begins to show. 

The first astrological sign is Aries, which is a fire sign that is vigorous, passionate and ruled by warrior planet of Mars (which is also red). It represents initiative, leadership, bravery and the autonomy required to commence.  

I choose nature to handle the planning and heavy-lifting for me. 

Woman in Black. A basic black capsule wardrobe outfit.

So, as the Taurus full moon comes to a close, and I ask my spirit, what cycles need to fall away, I've been whispered an answer. 

I close my eyes, trust in all the spirit hands that have been placed on my life, and walk forward, not knowing the outcome, not knowing the destination, but remembering and giving thanks for every single time I've been in a similar situation and it turning out to be more than what I asked for in the first place. 

Alignment with nature's cycles and seasons allows me to access this place without working to force or lean into anything. The work has already been done. I just need to show up. 

Jackie Boylhart | Mozart & Shiplap, A Lifestyle Blog
Woman in Black. A basic black capsule wardrobe outfit.