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Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication. Free .pdf quote printable.

11X14 "Simplicity is..." (.pdf)

A reminder that less is more and scarcity breeds creativity and ultimately, sophistication. 


12x12 "Life Starts..." (.jpg)

One of my favorite quotes from F. Scott Fitzgerald's, "The Great Gatsby." 

8x10 "Organizing the Non-Obvious" (.pdf)

8x10 "The Secret" (.pdf)

Sometimes what you say "NO" to, makes more of an impact than what you say "YES" to. 


8x10 "How Can I" (.jpg)

Instead of thinking you can't do something, train your brain to ask, "How Can I?" instead.


11x14 "Choosing/Chasing" (.jpg)

A reminder to choose and not chase. Grab hold of your life, before life grabs a hold of you. 


11x14 "I Paint..Reality" (.jpg)

Your life is your art. Create well and live. You are constantly co-creating your reality.