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TAL#10: Flattery vs. Praise: How Knowing The Difference Can Improve Our Relationships + Decision-Making



Today's episode is for anyone who wants to improve their relationships and decision-making by learning how to give and receive authentic affirmation. I share a favorite fable of mine which illustrates the difference between flattery and praise in order to bring awareness to concept that can easily be overlooked in our busy lives. I also explain the subtle energetic difference ("vibration") between these two concepts and how knowing and applying this information can improve communication and outcomes in our personal and professional lives.



  • There are “Foxes” in our professional and personal life and we must learn to protect our inner self from their flattery.
  • Imitation is rooted in a negative emotion, while inspiration comes from a positive one.
  • Track your communication with other people and look to see where you can be more authentic.