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TAL#12: Addiction, Depression, Tarot Reading, Flower Essences + Herbal Healing with Sarah Chappell



In today's episode, we meet Sarah—a molecular biologist who became an intuitive healer after embarking on her own journey of healing from alcoholism. Sarah shares her transformative experience—from dealing with addiction to experiencing the healing powers of herbal medicine, tarot reading, and flower essences.

This episode is for anyone who would like to be inspired by this incredible story of hope and rehabilitation and leave with knowing that amidst your own trials, that you are not alone.


SHOW NOTES: TAL#12: Addiction, Depression, Tarot Reading + Herbal Healing with Sarah Chappell
Sarah’s Website, Facebook, PinterestInstagram
Sarah's Mentor, Lindsay Mack: lindsaymack.com
Asia Suler: onewillowapothecaries.com


  • Do not be discouraged and be willing to put in the work—healing and real change often take time and involve several steps.
  • The most important realization you need to make in order to CHANGE is admitting that you need help.
  • Understand that as humans, we do not have all the answers, and that’s okay.