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TAL#13: Triggered? Why it Happens + How To Use It For Good


In today's episode I'm talking all about being TRIGGERED. In today’s culture of people instantaneously expressing each passing thought via social media without much forethought, there is bound to be both positive and negative lash back. Those that read and respond can easily be triggered by what is shared; causing feuds, debates, and other strong reactions.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the story behind what it means to be triggered, the 5 reactions we can have from being triggered, and how self-awareness is vital for responding to triggers in a more positive way.


SHOW NOTES TAL#13: Triggered? Why It Happens + How To Use It For Good
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  • The first step to reacting appropriately to a trigger is an awareness of how you are feeling—is it a positive energy that you feel or a negative one?
  • Beware! Social media platforms are where people get the most easily triggered.
  • The way you react to triggers will depend on your level of self-awareness and how you channel your energy from that trigger.