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TAL#15: Emotional Energy, Mental Health + Redefining the Law of Attraction with Robin Scott

Meet Robin Scott

Robin is the creator of the blog, The Diary of an Empath, which is a lifestyle blog for sensitive people. She’s a recent social work graduate who is passionate about bringing the topic of our energy to the formal, mental health conversation. This episode is for anyone who can relate to suppressing emotions just to look “normal” and learn more about the law of attraction.

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Show Notes


●      The Diary of an Empath – Robin’s blog

●      The Secret – The book that opened the idea of The Law of Attraction to both Jackie and Robin

●      Rebecca Campbell – Person who Jackie did a life meditation with

●      Many Lives, Many Masters – Book that Robin suggests to read for the past life topic

●      Gabriel Bernstein – A life coach you could follow that presents energy in tangible forms