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TAL#16: LOA Follow-Up, Hospitalization + 3 Things I Need to Admit


Today's episode is the first episode post jaw-surgery-hospitalization. I'm providing a follow-up on the Law of Attraction and then going over the highlights of everything that happened in the past month. DISCLAIMER: This episode is RAW. I'm still emotionally charged up about the situation so if you like to hear an episode that is more "put together," then this episode is NOT for you. However, if you'd like to hear a more less-polished-venting side of me (the behind-the-scenes), then you may find this interesting.

At the end of this episode I talk about the direction that I'm headed in for the summer. After recording this episode, I did decide I will go to podcasting once per week (on Tuesday) that will be more focused on emotional-physical healing and interviews with soulful entrepreneurs while I build out my YouTube channel with videos to help you apply what I talk about in each episode along with different perspectives on historical, current and religious events and life hacks that can support emotional and spiritual healing.

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